The Story of Kurt Cobain

             Who was the most important musical figure of the '90s? Kurt Cobain changed the rock and roll scene from heavy metal, hair bands to head banging grunge. From his childhood up until his mid-twenty's, Kurt had only one dream. He wished that he was center of attention on stage before thousands of screaming fans. He did just that with his band Nirvana, but like everyone says, "All good things must come to an end."
             Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20, 1967. He grew up in Aberdeen, Washington with his mom, Wendy Fradenburg Cobain, and his father, Donald Leland Cobain. Kurt also had a sister, Kimberley, three years after his birth (Graham). Kurts mother was attached to Kurt and his every move. Wendy said, "No child even comes close to that. I was totaled out on him. My every waking hour was for him" (Azerrad 11-13).
             At age two, Kurt was showing an interest in music. This wasn't very shocking because everyone in the family had at least some kind of musical talent. Kurt's uncle played in a rock and roll band and his aunt Mary played the guitar. Mary gave Kurt records of the Beatles and the Monkees, and a bass drum, when he was only seven. Kurt was so enthused with his new drums. He would wear them over his shoulders and beat them all the way down the street and then back up, singing songs by the Beatles. Mary also brought him along with her to band practice. Kurt was also very artistic. By second grade, his relatives and all his teachers had noticed how well he could draw. For some reason Kurt was never satisfied with his artwork. To him, it could always be better (Azerrad 13-15).
             When Kurt was eight years old, his parents got divorced. This crisis was extremely difficult for Kurt to handle. He changed from happy and screaming with excitement, to sad and ridiculing. Wendy says, " It just destroyed his life. He changed completely. I think he was ashamed. And he became very inward -- he just held i...

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