Brief History of Leonardo da Vinci

             In the year,1452. Leonardo da Vinci was borned in Vinci, a hill village in Tuscany, Italy.Throughout his childhood he reachout with opened arms to expand his mind. He loved to draw by examples from his books filled of drawings of plants, ideas for inventions, and much more.With the versatility and creative power that he had by using his mind. It marked him as a supreme example of Renaissance genius throughout the renaissance period.Besides being italian painter, he was also a sculptor, a architect, a musician, a engineer, a mathmacian as well as a scientist.With a career of being a artist, Leonardo came with mind blowing ideas with math equations as well sciencfic notes throught out his lifetime.In Florence where Leonardo usually lived,he engaged in much theoretical work in mathematics and pursued his anatomical studies withc we know to be true today.To note the aging genius was assigned to various architectural and engineering projects at the Vatican witch dealt with very complexing ideas with math.With some many projects, you can see how what kind of schedule he had. With in the renaissance era, he found the field dominated by Michelangelo and Raphael as well as himself. The trio were unstoppable , they minds togeather were a force to no be fought with it. Even though, Leonardo met michelangelo and raphael late in his life. Mos tof his work, is influnced by those men. By the year 1519, the renaiassance era was closing and so was Leo's life. He died in Amboise, and the world was in mourning of the lost one of greatest geniuses of mankind.

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