Terry Fox

             Terry Fox should be in the Canadian Hall of Fame. Terry was a man of many wonderful things, such as him being very brave with the amputation of his right leg. Also Terry was a man of selflessness and staying positive he raised over $220 000 000, and lastly Terry Fox is a true inspiration to everyone, up to this day.
             Firstly, Terry Fox was a very brave and courageous man. Terry was only 19 when he found out he had a rare form of bone cancer in his right leg. Terry underwent chemotherapy treatment's to stop the cancer from spreading, and lost all of his hair. He also had to deal with the consequences of the cancer in another way, which was the amputation of his right leg. Loosing his leg was a very hard thing to deal with, especially since Terry was very much into sports, and his new limitations was very rough on him. (Scrivrner) As well, Terry showed bravery by running every day, rain or sunshine, with his leg bleeding, not even knowing if people would care about his Marathon of Hope. These examples prove Terry Fox was a man of bravery.
             Secondly, Terry Fox was a very selfless and positive man. When Terry first found out he had a rare bone cancer, he didn't shed a tear, he just thought positively, and wanted to get his surgery as soon as possible. When Terry got his right leg amputated, he was at first a little depressed, but then he got an idea from a magazine to run to forget his problems, and to raise some money for other cancer patients. "His world was turned around, but he decided to look on the loss of his leg as a new challenge." (Scrivrner, 2000, p. 31). Terry knew he should have stayed home, and rested to recover 100 percent, but he was so set on his goal to run for caner research, that he ran anyway. Some may argue that Terry was too obsessed with his run, and was very moody. "Terry Fox was temperamental; he was obsessed with his run that he was often difficult to get along with." (Bliss, 1986, p. 100) It's understand...

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