My friend's wedding

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             My friend's wedding was the worst wedding ceremony that I had ever attended. Though it was about to be a magnificent party, an accident happened that turned the party into a miserable battle.
             My friend Nahid was harsh, tough, and relentless that everyone afraid from her as well as avoid fractioning with her.
             Once, she surprised us by declaring her engagement from her neighbor Yousif, and both of them intended to marry in summer. Yousif was a bald, diligent engineer who was struggling to convince her grandfather about marrying her.
             I was waiting for the summer holiday to pack my bags and to travel to my country where in order to attend the prospective wedding. When I arrived, everyone from the neighborhood volunteered to assist in the ceremony preparations since it was decided to hold the party on the neighborhood playground where was adjacent to her grandfather's house.
             On the prospective day, everything was perfectly prepared; the balloons, the embellishment lights, and the bride cake. Even the musical instruments, the dining chairs, and the tables were set.
             For emergency, we brought two policemen to organize the crowd.
             Guests started arriving the wedding, also, my friends and I wore our new tuxedos, we stood at the entrance, as well as we attempted to ban all the parasites, however, we failed to distinguish the invited people from those parasites. The guests crowded the place in which we realized how small the place was. Finally, the wedding car appeared, and after a while, both the bridegroom and the bride were walking slowly among the ceremony aisle. And Anxiety signs appeared on the bride's face due to the huge crowd; hoping that went as planned.
             After both the bride and the bride groom sat on their armchairs, the singer began crooning, and the melodies attracted all young boys and girls to dance

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