Women In Advertising

             The role of gender in advertising has been an issue in society since the advent of modern media and advertising methods. Modern media uses methods that concentrate on sex and the stereotypical images and ideas of the parts men and women play as consumers. These methods construct a female social problem that began in the 1960s with the portrayal of stereotypical housewives. Today, this image has evolved into a new social problem for women. New advertisements are exposing women in ways different from ever before: the semiotic placement of the Robert Cavalli fashion advertisement found in In Style Magazine reveals the distorted perceptions that are placed on women of a hyper-sexualized and submissive female gender role in American culture.
             The color scheme layout and visual focus of the ad augment the construction of the overly sexual female function in society. Upon first glance, the ad is quite stunning. It is flashy and easily noticeable while flipping through the magazine pages. The ad uses bright colors to accentuate the two subjects and draw attention to their faces. The colors range from bright greens and orange-reds to subtler blues and browns towards the bottom of the ad. These colors are used to catch the magazine reader's eye and draw attention to the clothing. The background is a bright orange curtain that draws the attention to the figures at the center of the page. They seem to be completely undistracted by the world around them. There are no outside forces drawing their attention away from each other. The man's eyes, strongly focused on the woman, suggest that the figures share a serene and perfect moment away from the outside world. Nothing else in the world matters more than the two of them being together at that very moment. The feeling of desire and need flaunt a sexual image that is constantly viewed by society.
             A clearly sexual message is revealed through the most drastic and eye-catch...

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