Airplane ride

             By far the most exciting and remembered event in my life is when I first went on an airplane. I was small back then, 7 to be more exact. Everyone knows airplanes can fly, but I was sure that this couldn't because it was so big and it probably weighted a lot and it's wings looked solid to me there is no way it can flap them. I knew birds could fly because they were small. But this big airplane no way!!!
             Once I got on the plane some stewardess reviewed the plane safety precautions. For a couple of minutes I was preoccupied with trying to read the safety brochure provided for us. Even dough I couldn't read much English back then I got a general idea of what to do in case of an emergency.
             As soon as we received headphones and tried every channel but it was either in a forgain language or it was a weird channel I didn't like.
             As the plane started moving I was sure that this plane would not take off the ground with those big stiff wings. To my amusement the plane started going faster and faster and faster. I was so scared that I almost fainted, when I opened my ayes we were flying. When I became more comfortable that the plane can fly and it will not crash I investigated the facts. From what I knew about flying is that you needed wings and feathers to fly this planes had none. I asked my parents how could this plane fly. They gave me a complicated explanation, which I didn't really understand, but I was satisfied for now.
             On the plane I watched a couple of movies and slept when a stewardess came they brought drinks and some food. The food was OK I made a friend on the airplane I played with him a bit but then we were forced to go our own ways and I never seen him again. When we arrived I was happy to get off the plane because by the end I was filling a bit drowsy.
             In the end I enjoyed my rise on an airplane it was a exciting and palpitating experience. I would do it gain any day. How was your

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