Black or white

             Back in the day there was a lot of women staying home and taking care of the
             children while the man went to work to support the family. That was normal back then.
             Now a days no on in this society can afford to have one spouse stay home or at least that
             is what they think. Everyone in this day and age has to have the best and biggest things,
             the nicest cars the nicest houses, the best clothes. This is normal spending for a middle
             class family in everyone’s eyes. But it is not normal if it was one person would be able to
             stay home with the children like before. See before people were not too worried about
             material things they were more worried about family and making it in life and having the
             mother stay home with the children. People now a days could do this to but they do not
             see it. They do not understand the concept of settling for what you can afford not what
             you have to struggle to get. But we are all victims of stereo types in this world. Because if
             you do settle for what you can afford then you could be called trailer trash or scums or
             any other cheap name because you do not have the best house or the best cars or even
             nice clothes. People make a lot of there decisions in life based upon what everyone else
             will think about what they have done or bought. If no one cared about what other people
             thought then a lot of people would probably not be in debt and would have payments
             monthly that they could actually afford to pay. And the mother would still be able to stay
             home and raise her children. I think that is how it should be instead of some stranger

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