Jimi Hendrix

             Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27 1942. He was born under the name of Johnny Allen Hendrix but his father had decided to change it to James Marshall Hendrix at the age of four. "Jimi" Hendrix was to become the king of rock guitarists. Hendrix came from a middle class family in Seattle, Washington. Some in his family were gifted with the same talent to play music, for instance his dad was a saxophone player and his aunt could play the organ.
             Jimi Hendrix had begun playing music on an acoustic guitar, which was the very first instrument that he ever had until when he turned twelve he was given an electric guitar, after receiving it he joined up with some local bands. Jimi Hendrix could never read music. So he had taught himself to play the guitar, with the burden of being left handed on a right-handed guitar, by listening to artists such as B.B. King, Chuck berry and muddy waters. Jimi Hendrix used to practice his guitar like this for many hours. He had the gift of playing music by ear.
             Jimi Hendrix had dropped out of school in 1959 and joined the army at the age of 17. He had joined as a paratrooper in the 101st airborne division. He was not in the army for that long, as he was discharged when he had broken his right ankle in a parachute drop. After leaving the army Jimi Hendrix decided to move south of America and search for work. Before long he found work playing rhythm guitar for famous black musicians such as Little Richard, Wilson Pickett and Sam Cookie.
             By the year 1964 Jimi Hendrix was in New York playing in Greenwich Village Nightclubs. His band was called Jimi James and The Blue Flames. Jimi played his own music that was very similar to that of the BB king and Muddy Waters. Jimi Hendrix was known for amusing his audience by playing his guitar in many different ways. For example when performing he would play his guitar either behind his head, Behind his back and eve

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