Kidd vs. Stockton

             The game of basketball has been around since I could remember. Their have been many great point guards of the old time like John Havlicek, Jerry West, and "Pistol" Pete Marivach who are undoubtedly the best point guards of their time. The question that remains is which one is the best of our time? The two that come to mind when you think of the word great are John Stockton And Jason Kidd. Both played quite similar think pass before shoot and hustle until the final horn has sounded. Although they were similar in the way they played Jason Kidd stands out since he is a better all around player. Keep in mind Kidd has played in half of the seasons Stockton has.
             Career Totals Jason Kidd John Stockton
             Other then career stats their are achievements accomplished by both players that are pretty astonishing, but again Kidd has the upper hand. Although Stockton holds the all-time assists (15,806) and steals (3,265) record it is because he has played in double the games as Jason Kidd. So in time those records will be broken. Stockton has won an All-Star Mvp award who he shared with his teammate Karl Malone. Kidd has no Mvp awards to his name, but in 2002 he finished second to Tim Duncan in a controversial regular season Mvp selection. Kidd has been voted to 7 all-star games compared to Stockton's 10. Kidd has been voted to the All NBA first team in each of the last four seasons while Stockton throughout his career has only been voted twice. Stockton has never been voted to the NBA all defensive first team while Kidd has been voted in three times. Jason Kid

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