In Selected writings, Marti wants to use violence to gain independence from Spaniards in Cuba. On the other hand, in the wretched of the Earth, Fanon sees violence as a mean whether for colonization or decolonization. Marti emphasizes that using violence to get rid of Spanish colonization, and Fanon thinks violence is heavily used and is a necessary part in colonialism. At the same time, they don’t oppose the use of violence, because they think the use violence is inevitable. However, I think violence is something human can avoid, and there is always an alternative other than violence.
             Marti wanted to challenge Spanish colonialism with military power. Under Spanish control, Cubans have an inferior life, since Spanish had treated Cubans as subordinate citizens. Marti planed the revolutionary war against Spanish in order to gain independence in Cuba. Marti believes that human being should respond to the ill treatment by others. In other words, people should repay the help and respect from others. At the same time, a person should take revenge on someone who mistreats them. “If they don not mistreat us, we will mistreat them. If they show respect, we will respect them. The blade is answered with the blade, and friendship is answered with friendship” (Marti 341). From this passage by Marti, I learn the reason behind the independent war Marti longed for which is an eye for an eye. Under Spanish persecution, Cubans according to Marti had a moral right to resist Spaniard. Using violence was a reasonable way for Marti and Cuban to respond to Spanish mistreatment. “What fate will the Spaniards choose: relentless war, open or concealed, that threatens and further disturbs the country’s perennially turbulent and violent relations, or definitive peace, which will never be achieved in Cuba except by independence?” Marti thought peace could only be obtained when Cuba becomes independent; otherwise, violence would a...

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