Today, products competition of the international market has many elements. Product price, quality, and package design are the three main elements. On the road to the market, good package design is an important strategy. The effect of an excellent Package to increase the product sale is not less powerful than a commercial. The prerequisite for a product are first tally with the criterion, and second attractive to customers. The excellent package must have a brand name which is easy to read and remember; have an eye-catching style to attract the customers when they were walking by shelves, and they will have the impulse to pick it up; have a simply and well-written description in order to express the product features; have to embody the prestige of the product to enhance customers' trust; have particular colors to attract different consumers; have to concern about the environmental protection. Use paper, glass or recyclable package to replace the plastic package.
             The package that I select is from Missy's Home Style Cheese Cake. It's a new product. They package of this cheesecake is different from others. Here is how this package fulfills the six basic packaging functions: containment and protection, usage, communication, segmentation, channel cooperation, and new-product planning.
             First one is the containment and protection function, Missy's Home Style Cheesecake use recyclable plastic container and plastic transparent cover to store, and it's vacuum. The container is also hard to break. They also use the cardboard box to pack again. The size of the two packages is similar to protect the cheesecake, and it because they will not strike each other. The sealing up of the plastic container and the cardboard box also make it secure to purchase.
             Second function is the usage. The net weight of Missy's Home Style Cheesecake is only 3 ounce. The size of the cheesecake is small. It is designed as a snack. The s...

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