Academic Achievement and the Community

             Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. I can safely say that a human being is not in the proper sense until he/she is educated. Every human being has their own academic achievement. It can start from nothing to a large amount. As one review this composition, I hope one seems to notice the advantages of my academic achievement and my community.
             The significance of my education is quite clear. My education is to prepare myself for quality, working life, active citizenship, and always a lifetime of learning. My education can help educators, businesses and the community prepares other youths for the future. Education can help the community in many ways. Bringing together people with diverse educational talents and backgrounds, the community can explore ideas and create inclusive systems that can help all learners achieve to higher standards, prepare the community's people to enter and advance in their careers, and build people's capacity to improve our community. The best plan is to never cheat yourself out of a real life by missing a real and positive education.
             There are many bad consequences that occur for a community with lack of education. Some problems may consist of the community's people being very uneducated about different topics. The voting processes, government techniques, and school related projects would be very poor. The best plan is to never cheat yourself out of a real life and community by missing a real and positive education. No education can result in missed opportunities, false starts and frustration. Imagine your life and the community with no education . . . . A TOTAL LOSS TO SOCIETY!
             I can give back to the community with my academic achievement. Recognizing the people of the community can be very rewarding. It is a good way to give back to the community through academics and success. Not only the educated people will be recognized but th...

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