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             This paper is basically a portfolio of the fictional stories that has been discussed during class. Four (4) out of the six (6) stories which would cover Irish (European), American, African and Japanese writting are to be included in the paper. These would be mainly Araby, Roman Fever, Crackling Day and in a grove. The portfolio will also include supplementary materials which would be fitting for the said works.
             The manner in which the supplementary materials will be presented would be in two ways. First would be through the historical life story of the author itself. A connection will be found between his life and its influence on his works. Now in order to have a modern twist, the second way would be through several movies which would be connected with each of the four chosen works. This would bring a sense of Déjâ vu in the part of the readers. Also, the connection between the movies and the published works will give the reader a clearer view on the points emphasized by the author. For Araby, the movie "Vanilla sky" is chosen. For Roman Fever, the movie "Death becomes her" is chosen. For Crackling Day, the movie "Amistad" is chosen. And finally for in a grove, the movie "outrage" is chosen.
             Based on the readings, James Joyce, in relation to Araby, was educated at Jesuit schools and was born in Dublin, Ireland. Religion had probably played a major influence in his life as his education on Jesuit schools explains his technique on the use of Christian parallelisms over his works just as him being raised in Dublin, Ireland explains the historical places in which he included in his works such as Araby. But what had struck me the most is the fact that James Joyce had never really stayed in Dublin that long as he was forced to transfer places not only because of war at the time but also because of his protracted argument between his Dublin publisher. This distance ha...

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