The Rain Man

             The Rain Man is a movie about Charlie Babbit played by Tom Cruise and his autistic brother Raymond Babbit also known as "The Rain Man" who is played by Dustin Hoffman. As Charlie's father dies he thinks he is the only child in the family and thinks his father is going to leave his estate worth over three million dollars to him. But after finding out he had an autistic older brother he found out that the only things left for him was the 49 Buick convertible and his father's prized rosebushes. The estate was to be put into a trust fund to another beneficiary. The money was to be spent by a trustee to carry out his father's wishes. He then found out that the trustee was a doctor at Walbrook and he was supposed to use all the money needed to care for his brother Raymond.
             In this movie Charlie shows narcissism by his greed for his father's estate. Because his business was having financial difficulties, Charlie is in need of his father's estate. He believes he is the only child in the family so he thinks he is going to be left with everything his father owns but when he finds out he had an older brother he is terrified. He felt as if he had been cheated out of his inheritance because his brother got all the money and all he was left with was the 49 Buick convertible and the prized rosebushes. He felt as if he should have received half of the money for the estate.
             This then leads to isolation which is showed by him trying to do everything to get half of that estate. He goes to Walbrook to try to get the doctor who is the trustee to give him half of the estate and the doctor refuses. To get the money he thought he should have, Charlie decides to take Raymond home with him. He removed Raymond from the institution where he had lived for many years and they started for California. He then
             realizes that his brother is good with counting cards while they are being shuffled so Charlie decides to stop in Reno, N...

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