Discrete Math

             Man has been using discrete mathematics for centuries. Discrete math
             is a mainstay in modern man's daily activities. Our school systems begin
             teaching the concepts to the children as early as possible. So what is
             discrete math, where does it come from and how is it used. This project
             will provide insight into the topic of discrete mathematics.
             Discrete Mathematics usage has been growing. It deals with problem
             solving techniques that either use finite or discontinuous quantities.
             Think of an escalator, when the stairs are up fro walking then we are
             referring to finite but it the escalator is laid flat like a slide it seems
             Basically, discrete mathematics deals with the finite. Discrete math
             is a methodology for dealing with discrete incidents and finite processes.
             In calculus, mathematicians work with functions and infinite limits.
             Discrete math covers topics like matrices, finite probability, difference
             equations and graph theory. With all those being mentioned, however, the
             true power of discrete mathematics is algorithmic problem solving or
             solving problems by creating and analyzing algorithms that build a
             solution. "The difficulty is that discrete mathematics is an inclusive
             term; it embraces several topical areas of mathematics, some of which go
             back to early stages of mathematical development while others are more
             recent additions to the discipline." (Discrete Mathematics Introduction)
• functions and relations
• matrix algebra
• combinatorics and finite probability
• graph theory
• finite differences and recurrence relations
• mathematical induction
• algorithmi

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