Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology

             Today's American Culture and the culture of many industrialized nations are extremely dependent on technology to carry out daily tasks. Indeed, the advent of the internet and other technological devices has rapidly changed the culture in which we live. A large percentage of Americans have personal computers/laptops, cell phones and PDA's. These devices have changed the manner in which we do business and the internal functioning of the nation's infrastructure. The most apparent change is the manner in which we communicate and interpersonal relationships.
             Technology has become such a part of our lives that it influences the manner in which we operate. There have been many positive things that have come as a result of the increased use of technology, such as better medical care, and a greater capacity to produce. However, some have argued that this influence has become increasingly negative and has given way to a generation that is void of feeling and the need for interpersonal relationships. In either case, technology is certainly here to stay and will continue to be a major aspect of western culture.
             The purpose of this discussion is to further explore this topic utilizing Neil Postman's book "Technopoly: The surrender of Culture to Technology". The analysis will focus on the author's point of view and perspective on this issue. In addition, the research will focus on the evidence that is presented that supports this point of view. The discussion will also draw conclusions based on the value of this issue and what it contributes to the field of adult education.
             This book focuses on the manner in which technology has infiltrated our lives and in some ways taken over. Postman asserts that the increased use of technology has caused us to abandon human interaction, and as such technology has changed our culture forever. The author also explains that in the past inventions were ...

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