The Ideal Teacher

             The ideal teacher would always look out for their students, no matter what the situation is. He or she should treat their students as if there was their own kids. Teachers needs to understand their students well enough, and should build a strong relationship with each other. So that positive things can work out for the better and fall into place. Every student is totally different, and each student have their own problems in every classrooms. It's very important for teachers to be there for their students, and some students needs a lot of help in different areas. The ideal teacher knows what are the requirements are in each and every student in the classrooms. Some students needs individual help after school. An ideal teacher will provide extra help in anyway possible. It's very important to have students participate in classrooms activities like read out loud; This builds up educational skills for the future.
             An ideal teacher really needs to motivate their students to work hard in class. An ideal teacher will always encourage students, and inspire their students to do the right thing in life. He or she should make students feel real comfortable and confident in the classrooms as possible. In order for students to reach their dreams in life they need to have confidence. Teachers all over the United States don't push their students hard enough in the classrooms.
             A perfect teacher will always challenge their students to go the extra mile. The reason being is the students can't stay on the same level all the time. They have to gradually move up to advance levels. Students these days have so much problems going on with their personal life, and there school work. It's very important for teachers to be very patient towards their students, and give them time to think and relax. The teachers is the one who teaches students about making the right decisions in life. Teachers needs to start enhancing students creativity.

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