The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka

             In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa was a hard working salesman whose world was turned upside-down when he woke up one morning as a bug. His once loving family started to resent him and strangers would run away at the sight of him. Life became even harder for Gregor, because while he could understand what other people said, he was unable to speak back. All he could do was watch everything change right in front of his eyes.
             The Metamorphosis started with Gregor waking up from a dream and realizing that he wasn't human anymore. Overnight, he had changed into a large bug. At first, he could not operate in his new body and couldn't get out of bed. When his family went to check why Gregor was so late getting up, his father, mother, sister and boss were shocked to see a beetle-like insect in Gregor's place. His parent's resented him, but his sister acted more reasonably and helped take care of her brother.
             Because Gregor had always supported his family in the past, all three of his family members were forced to find jobs after his metamorphosis. Since his family was home less, Gregor hardly got any attention. The only time he got acknowledged was when he went downstairs, but that was only negative attention. When he left his small, cramped room, his mother would faint at his sight and his father would throw things at him. On one occasion, Mr. Samsa seriously wounded Gregor by throwing fruit at him.
             Due to his injury and rejection, Gregor started to become very unhealthy and waste away. One night when he was downstairs listening to his sister play her violin; he heard her say that she didn't want the bug around and just wished it would go away. To Gregor, the pain that this comment caused was even worse than his physical injuries. Gregor gave up on living, since he was all alone anyway, and died that night.
             Gregor's death did not really affect his family. They gave him a mo

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