Lord of the Flies-Animal Farm

             Despite having different plots and backgrounds, Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm both appear to present similar themes and meanings. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a story of a farm taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. They set out to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality. Instead of the utopian society they imagined, the actual farm was soon under the dictatorship of Napoleon. The story, in reality, represents the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union under the dictatorship of Stalin, who is naturally represented by Napoleon in the book. Lord of the Flies, on the other hand, is about a group of boys stranded on an isolated island where they have to look after themselves. They try hard to survive on whatever resource they find, while Jack, who's basically a leader, were undergoing a power struggle with Ralph, who's namely and officially the leader.
             Both books contain power struggle and the theme of the corruption of power. In Animal Farm, Snowball and Napoleon (both pigs) were fighting one another to be the leader. The same thing was reflected in Lord of the Flies between Ralph and Jack. And in both books, the power struggle stops only when one of them (in this case, Snowball and Ralph) were driven out by the other. While Ralph does loves the feeling of being the leader and in control, Jack is apparently the more dictatorial and aggressive one. Both Jack and Napoleon have similar skills and attitudes and have their own little group to support them; Napoleon's being the pack of dog he has and Jack's being his little group of Hunters. Both Napoleon and Jack uses their power over their group to kill. By the end of the books, Napoleon and his pigs seem to change in the human and Jack and his boys changed in to savages.
             Although many of the characters in both books are very similar, there are also different ones. Piggy in Lord of Flies and Squealer in Animal F...

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