my brother my executioner

             "Conscience brings not only illumination but also agony: It relentlessly exposes the inner battle that human being must wage war against their own impulses." This was said by Paul in Romans 7 : 15 – 20. This inner battle within ourselves started since the beginning of time and still continues today and will do so in the future. It is the greatest battle that we will fight. A seemingly endless confrontation that we will have to endure as long as we still steps our foot in the ground, as long as the need for oxygen remains, as long as the blood runs through our veins.
             Conscience that will always be there, always mind-bogging you. Conscience that will always be there, always telling what you ought to do. Conscience that will be there to guide you in everything that you do. Conscience that will always be there, continuously shaping yourself to what you can really be.
             The novel, My Brother My Executioner, tackles a lot of conflicts. Conflicts that ranges from deep within up to the environment and surroundings. Conflicts which will always be there, continuing to shape us to what we are now and to what we can be in the future. Conflicts that will teach us a lot of things in life. Conflicts that will open our eyes to what is really happening around us.
             My Brother My Executioner circles around two major characters. These two main characters are brothers in the story. Their names are Luis and Victor. Brothers with two different views in life. Two brothers with different outlook in things. Two brothers with different life style in which they are living in. Two brothers living in the both end of the world. Two brothers born in the same womb but with different fathers.
             Aside from these characters, Don Vicente, Trining, Ester and Dantes, are also present. These characters are the next important ones. Each one adds a twist in the story. Each character possesses a unique personal...

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