We are our own choice

             We have our own free will, the ability to voluntarily decide to perform one of the several possible acts or to avoid action entirely. Among these choices lie future consequences, good or bad. There are times we choose to think first before we act and end up happy with the outcome. But, there are times when we choose wrongly maybe because we act without thinking or because of some circumstances which distract us from the right path. Choices vary from different situations and there is always a choice not to choose, but decisions lie upon us. So we have to be very careful, for what we are and where we are standing right now is all because of our choices we make.
             We usually want the best for our lives and do all the things we can do to succeed. We could never possess a thing we really desire unless we plan and work hard for it, or we have won by chance. We are the key to our own goals and dreams. Like for example, we can get high grade only if we choose to prioritize, study hard and do well in school. Another, to have our own car, we need to earn for it or by chance, win it; however, chance is a just luck you never know what the outcome would be. So choosing the good choice makes us feel happy. Some people may feel contented in their lives because that is what they choose to be. It is the right attitude towards facing each challenge and endeavour in life that could make us succeed and gain internal fulfillment.
             We could not help ourselves in making mistakes by choosing the wrong choice because we are just humans. But then, it is in our hands to choose what to do in our lives. It is us to be blamed, not the other people or incidents, for what is happening in our lives. Our environment is just a temptation in life. But we are responsible in handling our business. Many problems are occurring at this moment like drug addiction, peer pressure, child-parent problem, name it. Let us say we choose to go into drug addictio...

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