hayakawa chapter 8

             o All life is a process of change, through birth, growth, decay, and death.
             o If an object looks the same today as it did yesterday, its not that the object has changed, but that the changes have been to minute for our perceptions.
             o There is no "solid matter" in modern science, because its motion is too rapid or too minute to be felt. Its only solid when the rotating color chart is "white."
             o We constantly have to use instruments such as microscopes to detect and record occurrences that our senses aren't able to detect directly.
             o The way we happen to see and feel things is the result of our nervous system.
             o Inadequate as our senses are, instruments tell and help us a great deal.
             o Our use of mechanical gadgets increases the capacity of our nervous system.
             o Relations between words and what they stand for = Bessie. She is a living organism who is constantly changing, but when viewed microscopically she is a perpetual dance of electrons.
             o It is no static "object" but a dynamic process.
             o Because of our previous experience we observe resemblances in her to certain other animals to which we have applied the word cow.
             o The "object" of our experience, isn't the "thing in itself" but an interaction between our nervous systems and something outside them
             o Our nervous systems automatically abstracting or selecting features we see.
             o The word "Bessie"(cow) is the lowest verbal abstraction, leaving out the differences between Bessie yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc.
             o Abstraction Ladder: 1) Cow contains atoms, e-, etc. 2) The characteristics of press-cow. 3) "Bessie" the name. 4) "cow" = particulars are left out. 5) "livestock" = only features that Bessie has in common with other animals. 6) "farm assets" = what she has in common with item on

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