Nuala Beck

             Nuala Beck is a highly praised economist and researcher. She writes one column for the Globe and Mail weekly, and is the president and founder of Nuala Beck and Associates, a consulting firm based in Toronto. Nuala Beck has written two books and is in the process of making a third book. The two already finished are "Shifting Gears – Thriving in the New Economy," "Excelerate - Growing in the New Economy," and "The Next Century - Why Canada Wins."
             In her book "Shifting Gears – Thriving in the New Economy" she introduces a new concept called the "new technology economy." This concept compares the industrial economies of the old with the industrial economies of the new and how the products that were cheap in the past industrial economies have changed to new and different products in today's industrial economy and are still the cheapest. An example of this is the Mass Manufacturing era which was from 1918 to 1981 and the Technology era which was from 1981 to the present. In the Mass Manufacturing era, the cheap goods and services to buy where energy and oil while in the Technology era it was microchips. Nuala Beck believes that there were three industrial economies. She believes that there was Commodity, from the industrial revolution till 1918. This economy was based on generic large quantities of unprocessed goods that could be processed and resold such as steel, coal, and textiles. The second type of economy was the Mass Manufacturing economy, from 1918 to 1981. This economy was based on the production of large amounts of goods on an assembly line such as automobiles, and machine tools. The third and final economy that she believes in is the Technology era which was from 1981 to the present. This final economy is based on the breakthrough of innovations, constant improvements in goods and services making it easier and more advantageous for the consumer. Products of this...

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