White Bengal Tiger

             The White Bengal Tiger, also known by its scientific name of Leo Tigris, is a very large animal that is currently on the endangered species list. White Bengal Tigers can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh between 400 and 575 pounds. The tigers live in many different habitats and prey on many different types of food. The White Bengal Tiger usually lives in groups of six or less but have been known to travel in pacts of up to 20 tigers.
             The White Bengal Tiger is known to live in many different types of habitats. Some habitats in which they are known to live is dense forest, grasslands and rain forests. The tigers like the forest habitat due to the ample cover for its secretive methods of hunting. The grassland habitat is a choice for the tigers because there is a wide choice of food for them to choose from. The White Bengal Tiger has many different types of foods it likes to eat. They hunt and eat wild deer, cattle and pigs along with frogs, antelopes, jungle bison, young elephants, wild boar, moose, Indian buffalo, rhinoceros, crabs, turtles, fish, lizards, small birds, locusts, fish, and carrion. Due to the White Bengal Tigers enormous size, it is not uncommon for them to eat up anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds of food at a single meal. The tigers usually hunt and kill its prey twice a week and that is all until the next week. The determination of the tigers is incredible. Sometimes a tiger chases 20 different animals before the tiger finally catches its prey. A tiger that has young cubs is even more determined so she may catch one out of every five animals chased. The White Bengal Tiger is not the fastest animal only being able to run at its top speed for roughly 33 yards but its jumping capabilities supersede all else due to the White Bengal Tiger being able to leap a whopping 30 feet.
             The White Bengal Tiger is white in color and therefore often has a hard time blending in with its natural surroundings. Some of the adaptations tha...

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