special relativity

             Shadbolt,Peter. "Summer's fire hits early." www.News.com 10/14/04.
             Yesterday on October 13, 2004 a heat wave came through New South Wales and Victoria Australia. Strong Northwesterly winds sparked brush fires . The temperatures were record highs since 1859. Rural fire services were ready to put out more than twenty spot fires yesterday. At least 50 people were evacuated.
             The heat also caused electricity use to skyrocket . The weather was so hot that millions of Australians turned on their air condition. The business people were said as to using the state's electricity grid. One man stated that the electricity is used more these days because more people have air-condition units in Australia. The electricity load was over 4500megawatts.
             The Toranga Zoo in Sydney did things differently because of the heat. The zoo Keepers froze the fish in big ice blocks to feed the Kodiak bears. The bears were extremely warm because they just started to shed their winter coats ,the heat wave caught the bears early. The keepers froze fruits for the chimpanzees and the Gorillas. The frozen fruits give the animals a way of cooling down.
             This article informed the public of the early heat wave in Australia. It showed how the heat created fires which made people evacuate. The heat made zoo keepers work differently. This abnormal heat wave brought up the idea of the greenhouse effect , but scientists ruled it out because there was not enough evidence. Over all the article was written to tell people about the irregular heat in New South Wales and Victoria Australia.

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