Peter Singer One World

             Preface and Chapter I "A Changing World"
             In actuality, globalization has provoked that every nation shares diverse issues such as commerce, climatic changes, justice and poverty with others. These nations need to adopt a new ethical perspective of globalization to deal accordingly with these problems.
             Peter Singer starts the preface of this Bush by explaining that when the USA exposed their objectives of avoiding massive destruction by Sadam Hussein, some ethical issues came to light. The most important was if the way USA would reach those objectives could fortify or debilitate UNO's authority.
             Bush recurred to the UNO in September of 2002 to accuse Iraq. This apparently meant that Bush was not going to act by himself in a unilateral action. Later, Bush declared UNO as irrelevant and incompetent in the Iraq issue, claiming that if the Security Council could not support actions against Iraq, it was worth nothing. According to the United Nations, their members must fix their controversies by pacific means. Nevertheless, if Bush attacked Iraq, the UNO would lack power to do something about it.
             Some people of the Bush administration suggested a new model as an alternative to UN: a "Pax Americana", a global peace warranted by USA. William Kristol, theWeekly Standard's editor, in collaboration with Lawrence Kaplan, poses a question in his book The War Over Iraq: "What's wrong about hegemony when it is based on solid principles and high ideals?". The United States of America establishes democracy as one of those "solid principles", but if they became an hegemony, what could stop them from becoming a tyranny? And, if they believe in democracy, is it democratic to get control of the world without the other nations consent? If a country declares itself as the "police of the world", that means no democratic government or fair laws.
             In Jonathan Glover's opinion, ...

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