Academic Cheating

             Why do students take the easy way out? This is a question that I believe have never been answered by students who engage in academic cheating. Academic cheating is a problem that affects all schools nationwide. Students relying on cheating aren't learning anything for their personal benefit and can soon be a behavior that is used all the time throughout their life. Students resort to cheating academically as their easy way out of studying or managing their time for academic work. Many students cheat just to receive a passing grade and impress their parents. The reasons for academic cheating are all understandable, but the solutions to these reasons can be reasonably effective. Academic cheating is caused by many reasons; parental pressure, poor time management, and failure to study assigned work are just a few reasons that can cause a student to cheat.
             Parental pressure will generate the need for students to cheat academically. A child, who is a good student, will cheat, to prove to their parents that they are smart, and that they can achieve their goals throughout their schooling. Many parents want their children to follow in their footsteps in the aspect of the education that they received; therefore, more pressure will be enforced on the children. Some parents may have the tendency to set certain standards for their child to meet while in school. And if the certain requirements aren't met then the child may be punished or suffer some other consequences, which soon will prompt the student to cheat in order to avoid theses consequences. Many students may cheat to impress their parents, hoping that bringing home a good grade may lead to them receiving several good compliments and rewards. Parental pressure is just one of the main causes for academic cheating.
             Another cause for academic cheating is poor time management. Many students have the urge to put academic studies as last priority on their agenda...

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