Pierre Elliot Trudeau & His Mark on Canada

             Canada has been shaped, from its beginning, by strong personalities and people of character. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was certainly one of these people. He was charismatic, flamboyant and he changed the face of politics. The influence of Trudeau's actions still remains eminent today. Trudeau was a man that you either loved or hated but it is impossible to deny he made many important contributions to the maturation of Canada.
             Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a man with a vision for his country. Trudeau applied his belief in "freedoms and rights of the individual" when he as justice minister proposed amendments to the Criminal Code that relaxed laws against divorce and abortion and decriminalized homosexuality. He will always be remembered for his famous quote "Take this thing on homosexuality. I think the view we take here is that there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation . . . what's done in private between consenting adults doesn't concern the Criminal Code" (Wood).
             Trudeau's policy to legalize abortion, homosexuality and to make divorce easier have had many repercussions on the Canada of today. In the midst of "staying out of the bedrooms of the nation" Canadians have been free to basically do anything where consenting adults can be found. Now this may seem like something glorious to some, statistics imply the opposite. The freedoms, in acted by Trudeau to promote his visions of the rights of the individual have caused a demoralizing of Canada. Over two million unborn babies have been snuffed out (killed because they are not legally people) (Jalslevac). The birth rate has shrunk to minimal size, and will continue to do so. The Divorce Act has also taken its toll on demoralizing Canada. Ten years after the Divorce Act of 1968, divorces multiplied by five times. In 1982-1985 when the government made amendments to the Divorce Act, that made it even easier to get a divorce (chang...

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