Core values

             Throughout its history, the Navy has met all its challenges with success. The United States naval service began during the American Revolution, when on October 13, 1775; the Continental Congress authorized a few small ships be constructed. These small ships created the Continental Navy. Esek Hopkins was appointed commander in chief and 22 officers were commissioned, including John Paul Jones.
             From the very beginning of naval service, certain key principles or core values have carried on to today. They consist of three basic principles, HONOR, COURAGE AND COMMITMENT. Those three words are the backbone of every man and woman, officer or enlisted who has served or is serving in the United States Navy. Values are defined as ideals, beliefs, customs, or principles that a person holds dear. Values are learned and picked up throughout our lives. We learn values from our family, friends, church, school, community, and country. Our values that we have learned throughout life will affect our attitudes and behavior in all that we do. In today’s society the lawless behavior displayed by many Americans indicates that some people have a diminishing value system. The United States Navy expects their personnel to behave according to a high system of values. We are always expected to do “the right thing.”
             What is honor? The word honor is defined as one who shall bear true faith and allegiance. Accordingly, we shall conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates. We must be accountable for our professional and personal behavior, and always be mindful of the privilege we have to serve our fellow Americans. Be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other, and with those outside the Navy. We must also be willing to make honest recommendations and accept those of junior personnel. We must always abide

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