Abortion (this is a position paper!)

             Abortion is a very controversial topic and everyone has his or her own opinion. I don't really believe in abortion and I would never have one but my opinion of abortion is if you are against it you shouldnt have one. Abortion does kill a human child. The child may not be very old or very well developed, but it is still a baby that needs food and water and can feel pain and hear and see and jump up and down. I believe that abortion is actually a good idea if the pregnancy will probably kill the mother or if the fetus is not and can never be viable outside the womb. I have looked around to find the pro-choice arguments that I think are the most convincing arguments for abortion and tried to answer them with my own opinion in a way that is as convincing as the way they are presented.
             Don't teen girls need the choice of abortion though? As a teen girl I think an abortion would be even harder for me now than if I was older. Killing a baby that has never done anything to deserve death would make me very depressed. In addition, I think that many girls probably feel they have no other choice. If schools and colleges provided free childcare during school hours, girls could drop their babies off and visit between classes. I think that if girls had more choices like this, fewer girls would have abortions. Even if schools have no childcare, a girl living close to her mother, grandmother or even grandfather or father might be able to leave the baby with them for the day.
             Also, there are many, many more eligible families who want to adopt a baby than there are babies up for adoption. Abortion kills a baby that could make another family happy.
             But isn't it going to condemn women to incompetent butchers if abortion is illegal? Even in the current situation there are butchers. Abortion clinics do not have to comply with the same standards as hospitals and regular clinics, so women can die from the various complications of abortion....

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