Ludwig van Beethoven

             The film Immortal Beloved shows us the life of Ludwig Van Beethoven one of the greatest or for some people the greatest composer of all times. The movie not only shows us his music but most importantly examines the man there was behind the music. He was a disabled man that protected himself from the not so understanding society of that time, with an edgy personality. The movie focuses on the letters Beethoven wrote. These letters that are still to this day a mystery to whom they were written for. Letters which had no name or address were written to a woman who he referred to as his Immortal beloved, from where the movie gets its name.
             Probably the biggest flaw the movie had was on making a wild guess to who had the letters be written for. In reality nobody really knows to whom the letters were intended for. But the film points out that Johanna Van Riess(Beethoven's sister in law) was the Immortal beloved. Documents show us that there was a total of three letters written to somebody located at K. which most of the people think is Karlsbad although there are many other possibilities as Klosterneuberg and other towns in Czech Republic that can be associated with the letter K.
             The movie recreates the mysterious love life of the womanizer Ludwig Van Beethoven. As we all know, the film industry main purpose is to entertain its viewers. It would be impossible to recreate in a movie each and every woman that Beethoven was involved with during his life. It would probably be to lengthy to tell in a film. There is always research done when a movie that is based on real life is made, then history is adapted to make the product sellable and that is when fiction appears. Most likely the producer of this film picked these three women among the many that are revealed in history because he thought they were the most important in Beethoven's life. And to give the story a surprising ending he picked Johanna Van Riess to be the heroin o

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