How and Why did Irish and Roman Christianity differ?

             How and Why did Irish and Roman Christianity differ?
             There are several differences in the Irish and Roman Christianities. There is a difference in how they believe, their occupations, locations, lifestyles, and things they focused on.
             The Roman and Celtic churches had different objectives in their religions. The Roman church main goal was to save and cultivate their own soul. The Celtic church also wanted to save their own soul, but also wanted to save others. It was important in the Celtic church to spread their beliefs to others. This also tied in with the location of both these religions. Roman Christianity was mostly found in isolated, and remote places. Since the Celtic church wanted to spread their religion they were mostly found by roads and sea lanes.
             Both of these religions also had different everyday lifestyles. The Roman followers were more inclined to religious devotion, and were not as worried with trades, or work. The Irish followers were not only devoted to their religion, but also had jobs as teachers, scholars, and artisans. The Roman church concentrated on prayer and silence, while the Celtic church concentrated on worship, prayer, study, and work.
             Roman Christianity was more male dominated, but Irish Christianity was lead by both males and females. Within the churches, the Roman church focused strictly on the individual, but the Celtic church was more about the community. Roman Christianity looked at Christianity more as a doctrine, but the Celtic church viewed it as a way of life. This plays in with the way the Roman church is more about the individual, isolated, and is about silence. The Celtic church uses Christianity to make a better community. This is not saying that one way is better than the other. They both had their own ideas on how to believe.
             St. Patrick was the main force behind Christianizing Ireland. Patrick believed in educating people, and tried to teach as many ...

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