Basic Life Objective: My main life objective is to simply just be happy. In addition, I want to be at peace with who I am, where I am, and what I'm doing. I also want to surround myself with beautiful people and things, create abundance and awareness with my art and photography, and travel the world.
             Level of Preparation for Adulthood: I think that I am well prepared for adulthood. I am extremely independent, street smart, and I love people and interacting with them. I am also a hard worker and love to make money. However, I need to stop procrastinating so much and learn how to budget my money more effectively.
             Strengths and Weaknesses: For the most part, I am a friendly, down-to-earth person, and get along with people very well. I am a leader and not a follower. My creativeness is also a definite strength of mine and I am very athletic as well. However, I tend to procrastinate too much, and I'm usually pretty unorganized. Another one of my weaknesses is that I like to do things my way and I don't always follow the rules.
             Educational History: I have attended Tularcitos Elementary School in Carmel Valley, Carmel Middle School, and am currently a Junior at Carmel High School. I plan on graduating early next year at the end of first semester. I also plan on attending LTCC in Lake Tahoe for college, and take classes in art, photography, and environmental sciences. My favorite/most useful class is without a doubt, photography. On the other hand, my least favorite class was geometry because I am never going to apply anything I learned in that class to my life in the future.
             Sports: Without sports, I would be nothing. I am currently playing shortstop on the Varsity softball team. In addition, I'm an avid snowboarder and wake boarder. I also race motocross and ride my dirt bike as often as possible. I surf and play tennis occasionally and I used to play on the volleyball and basketball teams. I love swimming and ...

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