A Short History of Classical Music

             Music is considered food for the soul. It is also considered as medicine for a depressing soul or a tensed mind. Music has its different forms suiting different moods e.g. classical music, hip hop, rock and roll, blues, jazz, etc. Each of these music types has its own regional and cultural traditions.
             Classical music has its own noble history like the rest of the music types. Every culture and tradition has its own form of classical music that is played with the assistance of different instruments e.g. Indians, Chinese, Arabs, and Europeans had their own traditions for classical music. Classical music is a broad, somewhat inexact term, referring to music produced, or rooted in the traditions of art, ecclesiastical and concert music. Music is classical if it includes some of the following features: a learned tradition, support from the church or government, or greater cultural capital. Classical music is also described as complex, lasting, transcendent, and abstract.
             The classical music, found in stores and performed regularly by symphonies around the world, spans a length of time from 1600 up to the present. This time frame includes the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods. The classical period of music actually spans a time from of 1750 to 1800. Some people consider classical music as Western Art Music because most of the major composers until the 20th century were European. Vivaldi was Italian, Bach was German, Mozart and Beethoven were Austrian; they were some of the more prominent composers.
             The instrumentations used for the composition of Classical music include both large orchestras and small ensembles. The largest part of the orchestra was the string section consisting of violins, violas, cellos and string basses. These instruments were invented very early in medieval times but really matured into their present form during the late 18th century. The wind instruments, comprised of brass and ...

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