Parrot In the Oven

             Parrot in the Oven by Victor Martinez is a story told by a teenage Mexican American boy, Manny, who is attempting to find his place in a society full of disappointment. It is a story highly influenced by the race and culture of its protagonist. The crises and problems that Manny experiences like love, violence, sibling conflicts, gangs, family problems, and money shortage, are universal obstacles in teenage life. Set in the projects, Manny gives a very realistic account of what it is like to grow up as a minority in a poor, dysfunctional home. Receiving no real direction from his family, Manny battles with what type of man he should and will become.
             He is tempted by gang life, but at the same time, he seems to have a pure heart that prohibits him from falling too far. This is how life is spent everyday for a Latino boy like Manual Hernandez. Each and every day Manny learned something new about his family, and how to deal with the constant situations. He joined the gang thinking that they're going to be his family, it's good for him, and it can help him with his problems. Victor Martinez writes about a poor, destitute family, and how a little boy tries to live his own lifestyles. He was put in a position to do things he wouldn't normally do. When Eddie, one of the leaders of the gang, decides to steal an innocent lady's purse, Manual is suddenly confuses as to rather go with Eddie or do the right thing. Manual decides to do the right thing, and not go along with Eddie, and the reader is left with a relieving feeling. Victor's writing stays with you all throughout the book, and yet it seems to never leave. Victor Martinez puts hard, struggling emotions into his writing, and it takes his readers to another level.
             At the beginning of the story, Manny has the goal of buying a baseball glove and to achieve that goal he goes to pick chilies. After working for hours, he is able to pick enough chilies to buy himself a baseball gl...

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