My Favorite Childhood Memory

             Childhood is packed with memories of events and activities that have touched their lives. These events have shaped them into the person that they are today. For me, it was attending Vacation Bible School from the time I was in pre-school until I was in the sixth grade. I truly believe that I would be a different person if I did not attend Vacation Bible School as a young child.
             Vacation Bible School was a week long event, three to hours each night, when children were taught the word of the Lord through songs, lessons, and skits. The program would begin with everyone meeting in the sanctuary and sing bible songs. Then we separated into different groups (depending on their ages) and went off to their classes. Within the classes, I learned the stories of the bible and how they related my lives. Also, I memorized different bible verses, ate snacks, and made crafts that related to the bible story that I learned about. Before we went home for the night, we gathered back in the sanctuary and said a prayer.
             On the last night, we performed a closing program for their parents. I enjoyed Vacation Bible School, and it became an event that not only I looked forward to all summer, but all year as well. I met new kids, played games, sang songs, and laughed at the adults who performed funny skits. Could I have had any more fun? Even though I had a great time, sometimes there were slow moments. At the time, some of the stories may have been long and boring, but I got a free snack; hence, I always had something to look forward to.
             Vacation Bible School was a time when I could gather with friends, learn about the Lord, and have a good time; however, at the time I was more interested about being with friends and the snacks than the values and lessons of the Lord. As I grew older, I realized how much Vacation Bible School affected my life. All of the lessons I learned at Vacation Bible School stayed with me. Vacation Bible School gave me a found...

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