Angels And Demons Summary

             The settings in this book are numerous. The main characters travel through churches forgotten passages, secret passages, and catacombs. Guess the most important setting in the book is Rome and the Vatican City. This setting is very historic and religious. The homes are close together and the streets are wide with stone slabs for ground. Everything is clean and there are people walking around everywhere. The cities are mysterious, filled with history of cults and abandoned religions, and beautiful and because of this it makes a great place for the story to take place. The Catacombs come about a lot in the story as the man characters travel through them searching for clues to where the bomb is located. The catacombs are dirty which comes from the age in which they were untouched by man. They are filled with the bodies of dead Christians and because of this are filled with a horrible smell. The forgotten passages in the story in which the main characters use are old as well, filled with spider and rodents. These forgotten passages have not been used for a long time by the Catholic Church and therefore have a mysterious aura about them. The secret passages are much like the forgotten passages in that they have not been used in an extremely long time. They are also filled with spiders and rodents and have a mysterious aura about them. The churches in which they enter are big and beautiful. They have religious symbols wherever you walk and are great monuments to the Catholic faith.
             There are three main characters in this story and one main group. The most important character is Robert Langdon. He is the world's most world-renowned Harvard symbologist and teacher and he is put on the path of an illuminati follower killing scientists and bent on using an antimatter bomb. He is a white American in his mid forties with a regular physique. He is also extremely intelligent. He is strong w

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