Albert Einstein

             Einstein, intelligent or ignorant? This is a question many people ask, but do not take the time to research whether he was intelligent or ignorant. Einstein received his doctorate in 1905 for writing his papers titled "A New Determination Of Molecular Dimensions." Einstein is known very well for two reasons; number one, his weird hair, and number two, his work on the atomic bomb (The Manhattan Project). When you research what he has done though you realize that the did much more than just work on the Manhattan Project.
             Einstein was born in Wurttemberg, Germany in 1879. At five years old Einstein developed a fascination with how things worked. Einstein studied at a Catholic elementary school even though his parents were Jewish. He was considered a slow learner by many people because of the disorder known as dyslexia. He was also thought to have Asperger's syndrome. Einstein stated that the reason he was able to come up with the theory of relativity was because of his slowness in learning. Einstein's uncle gave him books on science and mathematics, which sparked an interest, in Einstein, for mathematics at the age of twelve.
             Einstein left his school in Munich in 1895. Einstein went back to school in 1896 and received his teaching degree in 1900. Einstein started working in a patent office, in 1902, though due to the fact that he couldn't find any teaching positions anywhere. In 1905, Einstein received his doctorate after writing his papers titled "A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions." Quite a few physicists agree that three out of the four more papers he wrote should have been awarded a Noble Peace Prize.
             Einstein's first paper in 1905 was on Brownian Motion. It was titled "On the Motion – Required by the Molecular Kinetic Theory of Heat – of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid." Brownian Motion is the physical phenomenon that minute particles

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