Indian movies

             Today we are at a point where Bollywood movies rely more than ever on the songs to create the big moment of spectacle. In fact, many movies are accepted or enjoyed mainly due to music.
             What is about these musical movies we love... well I think many people like them due to its intense color, glamorous locales, charismatic stars, addictive tunes and the fantasy create a universe of stylish pleasure.
             Indias Romance with dancing around trees perhaps date back to March 1931 when curtains went up for "Alam Ara".
             That was the first talkie features film in Hindi with seven songs.
             Even back then they emphasis on songs because music is very much a part of India's everyday life.
             Well songs are singing to convey devotion to gods, to parents to friends, in playfulness, seriousness ways. As well as tease the pretty girls walking on the street.
             Musical movies were thought to silly, unrealistic to mainstream. But recently Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge brought back audience that opposed the musical movies" unreality".
             Songs has it way of speaking to people at different levels and that's why many take liking to movies with musical. But there is also a risk involved in making movies with musical and it is that the music should be well composed so that spectators can find it enjoyable. If they don't appeal to the audience then you really can't predict the success of the movie.
             No matter how much or how fast Bollywood change, the song and dance routines will live on........
             Dance as a way of telling stories has long tradition in India. Today cinema carries on with this tradition. An Indian flim without song and dance scenes will not be successful in the domestic market. Such a flims are mostly produced for the western audience. Older productions featured mainly classical dance styles, but modern flims have a very particular, mixed style that adds lot to the entertainment value of the

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