The Grand Canyon Soundscape and Overflight Tours

             This paper explores the ongoing situation of the diminishing natural soundscape at the Grand Canyon National Park caused by overflight tours. Overflight tours of small airplanes and helicopters over the Grand Canyon are causing excessive noise pollution. Excessive noise from these aircraft negatively impact the millions of ground visitors, wildlife, and archeological sites in the National Park. Many Acts have been put into place in an attempt to regulate the noise pollution from overflights but none have been able to restore the park to a state of natural quiet. Several suggestions are made to reduce and regulate the noise pollution in order to preserve the natural soundscape of the Grand Canyon. Numerous articles were used in the research for the paper and information from the National Park Service website was used.
             Keywords: noise pollution, air tours, soundscape
             Within this massive world, there are only seven landmarks considered to be magnificent enough to protect and labeled as a natural wonder. One of these seven natural wonders of the world is the Grand Canyon. When being such an amazing natural wonder, millions of people from around the world come to experience the Grand Canyons beauty every year. With over 4 million visitors to the Grand Canyon every year, many tour companies have formed to provide multiple ways for tourists to experience the natural wonder of the world. Different types of tours are offered by multiple companies. A few of these tours consist of, hiking, mule rides, rafting, jeep, ATV, and air tours. The air tours by plane and helicopters has become an issue of debate for many agencies that have an invested interested in the Grand Canyon National Park. The noise from these air tours is considered a pollutant to the park and ruining the natural soundscape. The National Park Service considers the natural soundscape a vital resource to the park that is being eradicated by the air tours happening in, ar...

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