Reforms in America's Criminal Justice System

             The United States introduced criminal justice reform with the objective of correcting errors made during criminal justice processes. The goals of the reforms are to reduce the number of incarcerated prisoners and prison sentences. In addition, the reforms aim at doing away with mandatory minimum sentences for people involved in drug trafficking. The original objectives were for a liberal cause, but the politicians, particularly from the Republican Party, came in to offer more support. The Democrats too agree that the country criminal justice reforms. Many of the Politicians argue there are too many Americans in incarceration causing the taxpayers billions of dollars. The paper will look at criminal justice reform system in the courts, policing, prison system and rehabilitation. The criminal justice should be meaningful making it cost-effective, smarter and fairer. The system must allow the law enforcers to keep the community safe.
             The United States is home to 5 percent of world's population, yet it has over 25 percent of the world's prisoners. There are an estimated 2.2 million inmates in the US (Koenig, 2006). The vast number of people in prisons costs the nation an estimated 50, 000 dollars per inmate annually. The cost includes health care, court costs, probation and other direct costs associated with imprisonment. Similarly, the prisoners are not productive leaving their families poor. Incarceration rates need to reduce and save over 800 billion dollars every year (Koenig, 2006). The reforms need to make prisoners more productive while in incarceration to earn the government some hundreds of billions of dollars while serving their sentences. A large number of imprisonments are due to crimes that are non-violent such as fraud (Berman & Fox, 2016). Other ways can be employed to deal with such offenses. There are more than half of the prisoners convicted of low-level property and drug related habit. Th

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