Design IT: Network Consultation Proposal

             Design IT company recently purchased an office space for its operations. Space is a little bit small (about 56 X 36 feet) but as a designer, I have to ensure that the company equipment and all the staff fit into this space. For us to make sure that everything goes on in the right manner, we have to follow a precise chronology in which the office will be set up. The initial step for such a space is to ensure that the company equipment is transferred to the building; this will enable efficient arrangement of the little office space. In summary, the space purchased has one office, one reception desk, four cubicles, one conference room, and a reception desk. We have to use the little space provided to accommodate all the staff and equipment.
             Space Distribution and Office Appearance
             The four cubicles will be allocated to the employees, and the server room will provide all the three servers (Microsoft IIS Server, Microsoft Server, and Small Business Server). An office for the company's manager is imperative. For the sake of the clients, we plan to include a reception desk and a waiting area. Finally, there will be one conference room that will be used for important meetings by the staff and executive. As a company, we plan to hire a receptionist and two designers that will enable the company to kick-start our projects. In addition to the professional equipment, we plan to include a few machines like a fridge, toasters, microwaves, and so forth, this device will serve the employees and visitors within the company. Despite the fact that we have some furniture we may need to do some moving and orchestrating around to make everybody feel comfortable and welcome. The real work shall begin once all the furniture and equipment are in the correct place and arranged in a professional standard that can appeal to the eye. We strive to ensure the department is as attractive and enchanting as could be expected under the circumstances.
             We will att...

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