Rise of the American Political Parties

             There have always been irrational views of our nation from the people. Some believed if you desire a strong federal government, you'll need to address the key factors; ease any national problems, establish a plan to activate industrialization and infrastructure, and develop a commercial economy which would help strengthen the government and its power. These factors were believed to be the sole of the problem, which led to relentless disagreements among Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both were members of Washington's Presidential Cabinet, and soon after working together, these two men went separate ways because of their disagreements. They both soon gained national attention and support from publicly addressing their different views about the issues or concerns within our nation. Another issue that arose in the conflict was the refusal of Washington coming to France's aid during the French Revolution and how did this affect his goal of national attention and support when publicizing his Farewell Address? These were a few of the many actions that created tensions over disagreements that soon led to the dividing of the parties in our country. The growth of political parties had arisen in the early American Republic because of antagonistic views on the arrangement of a national government and its power, plus the arrangement of national policies under our new nation.
             The views between political successors were diverse when addressing their intentions to try to make our nation better. Tension between common people soon arose too, which was inspired by the conflict that started between prominent leaders over opposing views on issues within the nation. In Documents 1, 2, & 3 they explain Jefferson's views on Hamilton and Hamilton's views on Jefferson, and also the key differences between the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton briefly address their views for...

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