Only Living with the Sense of Hearing

             Our perception is dependent upon sense-data; hence our five senses determine how we perceive the world. If one were to be forced to live with only one sense, his perception of the world would change radically. Being confined to the ability of hearing would greatly limit and alter how we perceive things. Our method of survival would be dependent upon our ability to hear therefore even the easiest of tasks would be greatly hindered.
             Firstly, our way of knowing if there are other creatures apart from ourselves would be based upon the noise that they emit. Since English speakers have a common dialect, they could be identified as human, this is only assuming that the person grew up in an English speaking country and was able to understand the common dialect. Common creatures could then be identified based upon the common the dialect that this person and the speaker share. Any animal that emits another dialect would be considered a different creature, a person speaking Russian for example would be as strange creature as a dog barking. Hence, there is a limitation when considering the ability to identify things common to this person because any non- English speaking person although closely biologically and mentally related would still be considered a different animal. In order to further narrow what is a common animal and what is not this person could learn to identify different sounds with different things, he could learn to identify crackling with a fire and woof with a dog, and although they would be in perceivable by any other senses, different things could still be identified and even labeled. It is important to consider that this is based on the assumption that this person is able to speak and understand English speakers. Also, the ability to do all of these things are reliant upon other people, that help him interpret noises.
             When considering if this person could be aware that he himself has a body there are various reasons as to...

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