The Characters of Great Expectations

             In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest, when sitting a bench talking with another rider, poses the question "what's nor mal anyways," displaying his staunch belief in fairness and that all humans, no matter social status or race our created equal. Forrest says this while ignoring other judgments of himself and his handicap, thus blocking out how society defines being normal. This illustrates itself in the opening scenes of the cinematic masterpiece, for when the other school kids refuse to give up their seat for Forrest, they are defining him as different, casting him out in the process.
             However, with the help of Mrs. Gump, Forrest blocks out societies judgment of him, allowing him to grow and succeed in life. This, coupled with help from his childhood friend Jenny, guides Forrest’s growth on his journey towards manhood. Similar to Forrest Gump’s change, Pip's development towards manhood in Great Expectations partially shaped in his relationship with Estella and his friend Biddy. In Charles Dickens’ novel Pip characterizes how the two women in Pip’s life affect his growth as a person; Estella negatively impacts Pip’s life and manipulates his heart whereas Biddy and Pip have a friendly relationship that serves Pip better, and Biddy is someone he can always go to for help and he can always talk to her about his struggles in life. [AdjSC].
             In Volume One, the cold-hearted Estella negatively affects Pip's emotional development as a person by toying with his heart and emotions as instructed by evil Mrs. Havisham and her plan to destroy all men. Estella, adopted by broken Miss Havisham at youth, has been shaped to serve as a tool for her destruction [Abp] to "avenge her broken heart," and practices this destruction on Pip. Estella ruthless treatment of Pip's a direct effect from the dark and fractured childhood she. Estella’s indifference towards others emotions allows for her to block out Pip’s loving dedication for her. T...

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