Reading Books - Oh the Things We Will Learn

             Many of us wonder. . . Why are books so essential to some people? Where did their love for books come from? Does reading really impact peoples’ lives? Well, books are quite magical. They may take us to places we have never been to just by connecting strongly with the book. People often let books become an essential part of their lives. They let books ease their feelings when they feel upset, or maybe they want a self-help book, so they turn to books on how to live a happier lifestyle or how to live a healthier life. I often turn to books that make me feel like I am in a different country.
             I often wonder where did my love for books come from? Has reading really impacted my life? Well, my love for books comes from when my mom would read to me. While I was in preschool, we would go to the library and checkout books. One day we checked out Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. It was about the alphabet, my mom would read some of the letters of the alphabet to me, and I would repeat them back to her. I loved that bond we shared while reading. Her face was full of amusement and happiness as she would hear me repeating the alphabet after her. And that is the way I learned my ABC’s by reading that book with my mom. In my first months of being in kindergarten my mom also read to me Oh the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. As a little kid, I interpreted that book meaning as “I have the power to go farther. Even if I get low scores sometimes, that cannot stop me.” That book by Dr. Seuss also served me as a motivational book to never give up on reading.
             After reading Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, I was determined to start reading chapter books. In the second grade, I came across the Junie B Jones books. I can remember being glued to that book series! It was so interesting and easy to related to because she was around my age and most of the setting took places in a school. And I would read her chapter books while I was ...

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