The Future of Cloud Computing

             To understand the future of cloud computing, one must first have some knowledge of what cloud computing is. This new trend in information technology is swiftly becoming one of the most used trends in computing. Cloud computing at its basic level is the replacement of all personal computers with “dumb” terminals that have no software or complex operating systems on them. Instead, these terminals connect to a World Wide Web in which applications reside alongside your data (Bowles, 2014). This paper will delve into the world of cloud computing from the perspectives of C. S Yoo, The United States Government Accountability Office, and M. D. Bowles. Of course, with any new technology, there are advantages and disadvantages to their use. An attempt will be made to identify those advantages and disadvantages while showing the future of cloud computing.
             Dr. Yoo’s article, Cloud Computing: Architectural and Policy Implications, introduces key cloud computing concepts such as service oriented architectures, thin clients, virtualization, and discusses the leading delivery models and deployment strategies being pursued by cloud computing providers. The article also analyzes the economics of cloud computing in terms of reducing costs, transforming capital expenditures into operating expenditures, aggregating demand, increasing liability, and reducing latency. The architectural implications of cloud computing are discussed for access networking and data center interconnectivity which focuses on bandwidth, reliability, quality of service, security and privacy, control over routing policies, standardization, metering and payment, and ubiquity (Yoo, 2011). Computers today run applications through software and accesses data that is stored locally on the hard drive. In cloud computing, the application is stored in the data center rather than stored on the computer’s hard drive. Yoo concurs stating that, “transferring applications and data ...

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