Analysis of Game of War: Live Action Trailer

             “Game of War: Live Action Trailer” is a short commercial for the mobile application, Game of War: Fire Age. The trailer is part of a multi-million-dollar campaign for the video game that features supermodel Kate Upton. It uses Upton’s beauty and sex appeal as she commands soldiers into war in make-believe settings like those found in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The following essay is a rhetorical analysis of the situation so as illustrate the advertisement is successful in using Upton’s sex appeal to draw in a male audience.
             Machine Zone, the creators of Game of War: Fire Age, have taken mobile games marketing to a new level when they decided to use model Kate Upton as the game’s ambassador. This is apparent in the game’s trailer which could be easily be mistaken for an action movie sequel. In the midst of battling troops and dragons that breathe fire, Upton emerges from the massacre. She casually looks at the camera and states “come and play with me," in a voice that has a heavy sexual undertone (Dave). Upton is also in the actual game where she is characterized by Athena, the game’s host. The advertisement can be examined from a rhetorical view so as to illustrate how the use of a supermodel ambassador has managed to draw in a largely male audience. A rhetorical situation is one which certain factors influence how a story or message is created. In this particular situation (the advertisement), a beautiful woman was used to draw in male viewers since young men form the biggest percentage of video game players. In order to understand this video, one needs to comprehend the fact mentioned above. The following section will analyze the trailer through some rhetorical aspects.
             The motivation of the advertisement is to draw in male viewers so that they will download the game. Kate Upton's sensuality entices men and boys to download the smartphone video game that is free-to-play (Dave). The advertise...

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