Narrative Essay: A Journey to Amarillo Canyon

             For a few months, my uncle, grandpa, and I planned to visit the canyon in Amarillo, Texas. We were going to spend the night with my uncle's friend because he lived with his family lived about one hundred feet from the edge of the canyon and had a backyard trail that led all the way to the rim of the canyon. About an hour before heading out on our trip, we enjoyed our breakfast and then loaded our bags into my grandpa’s car. We hopped in and set off around 10 a.m.; the journey had begun!
             My grandpa started off behind the wheel and we had a well-paced cruise for the first half of the trip. However, there was a significant change in the appearance of the surroundings since we were two and a half hours away from our house; there were many more shrubs instead of trees, more farmland, and fewer houses and other types of buildings. We stopped to get gas and then ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. After that, my grandpa handed the steering wheel over to my uncle and we continued our journey. We were about thirty minutes away from our destination, and none of us could wait to get there so that we could each take a relaxing nap. The environment was completely different now. There were vast farmlands everywhere with very few houses and almost no buildings. It was as if we were in the middle of nowhere! There were also many hilly roads because we were driving up to the canyon.
             We finally made it, and my uncle’s friend and his family came out to welcome us. They had a large house that fit perfectly with the canyon's environment. We took our bags over to the guest rooms and had a nice, long rejuvenating nap. We had dinner that evening. We planned to see the canyon right before sunrise the next morning because the sunrise would complement the scenery perfectly. There was much laughing and reminiscing at the table that evening. Everyone went to bed pumped for the next day.
             In the morning, we gathered at the back door right before sunrise...

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