Commuter Transportation Problems in Kuala Lumpur

             There are obvious reasons why there is heavy traffic congestion on the roads of Kuala Lumpur, despite the government’s many investments in public transport; the uprise of large-scale automobile retail is only the tip of the iceberg. Being a city smaller than the city-state of Singapore, KL's public transportation is less comprehensive, and despite having an extensive train network with stations in strategic locations, there are still significant commuter transport issues. Commuters are often required to take buses and taxis or walk at great lengths before arriving at their destination.
             Although current train routes provide accessibility between the city and surrounding suburbs, the KL government still needs to focus on improving the waiting time for train services such as the KTM commuter; 35-minute wait times are too long for a metro train service. Unprepared travelers who don’t have the Jadual KTM app, often find themselves at the mercy of terrible train services, with bus services not fairing much better. There aren't enough bus services even in the city center, not to mention their unpredictable arrival and departure times. It is not surprising to see a bus caught in a traffic jam and it's common to notice bus drivers relaxing and not aggressively pursuing their destinations. Rapid KL buses have seemingly never-ending routes that can stretch from Gombak to Kota Kemuning; thus, bus travel in KL has become one of the most unpractical, unpredictable, and slow modes of public transport. At many MRT stations, four out of five busses are regularly out of service even though they're supposed to be serving two routes. Although running back-to-back, buses should be able to fetch more passengers at a time without slowing down commuter deadlines. To solve the problem, Rapid KL could create schedules that bus drivers must follow, so that drivers who are ahead of schedule can slow down and space out arrival frequencies. Bus route schedu...

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